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Automotive / Test & Measurement.


ETI (or MDI) files describe the characteristics of a signal suitable for transporting a full DAB Ensemble (or DRM Multiplex), where the ETI comprises a number of subchannels and a formatted Fast Information Channel (FIC) between a DAB Ensemble provider and a transmission network provider, and the MDI comprises a number of streams and a formatted Service Description Channel (SDC) between a DRM Multiplex provider and a transmission network provider. It means that if a specific broadcasting station’s T-DMB/DAB (or DRM) signal is recorded as an ETI (or MDI) file, the recorded file contains all the information about the station. Using the RWC2010M’s ETI/MDI player function with these files, specific broadcasting stations’ T-DMB/DAB signals or DRM signals can be easily regenerated in labs. The RWC2010M also provides analog functions as AM/FM transmission and audio analyzer. It also provides RDS functionality as a way to play pre-encoded RDS files.
It can be operated stand-alone, and also can be controlled and played with the RWC2010x PC application. The RWC2010x PC application provides various control and measurement functions such as file handling, AM/FM setting, remote controlling and gathering audio measurement data from RWC2010M. Audio measurement data includes SINAD, SNR, THD, waveform and spectrum.
ETI/MDI Player FM RDS/AM Transmitter Audio Analyzer
  • Main Features


    · Support ETI/MDI player

    · Provide tone ETI/MDI files

    FM RDS/AM Transmitter

    · Support a single FM/AM transmission

    · Support various Audio Modes (MONO / STEREO / WAV File / SWEEP)

    Audio Analyzer (TBD)

    · Make it possible to test receiver sensitivity

    · Audio measurement: SINAD / SNR / THDN

    · Audio waveform and spectrum0

    File Play

    · Stand alone playable

    · PC application controllable

    Data IO Port

    · Ethernet for Remote: RJ45

    · RS232 for Remote: D-sub 9

    · Data IO: RJ45


    · Operating temperature: 5 to 40℃

    · DC Power: 12V/3A VDC

    · Dimension: 200(W) x 70(H) x 220(D) mm

    · Weight: 2.2kg

    · Display: 2.8” gray OLED

    · Internal storage: 256GB

    · LF/MF/HF Band: 0.15 to 30MHz
    · BAND I/II/III: 47 to 68MHz, 87 to 108MHz, 174 to 250MHz
    · Resolution: 1kHz
    · Accuracy: ±1.5ppm/yr @ operating temperature

    Output Level
    · -10 to -110dBm (OFDM: -10 to -120dBm) for BAND I/II/III
    · -20 to -110dBm (OFDM: -20 to -120dBm) for LF/MF/HF BAND
    · Resolution: 0.1dB
    · Accuracy: ±1dB

    Output Level with RWC9500B (optional)
    · +20 to -75dBm (OFDM: +15 to -80dBm)
    · Resolution: 0.1dB
    · Accuracy: ±1dB

    Audio Analyzer Characteristics
    · Input Frequency: 0.1 to 20 kHz
    · Input Range: Single Ended 2.25 Vrms
    · Bandwidth: 20 kHz
    · Common-Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR): 56 dB
    · Connection Type: 3.5 pi Stereo

    · Better than 1:1.5

    Frequency Reference
    · Internal Reference & Stability: 10MHz, ±1.5ppm/yr @ operating temperature
    · External Reference Input: 10MHz, 0 to +20dBm MAX.

    * The specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Main UI
    C2010M-00: Digital Radio Tester - Full Option ETI/MDI Player, RDS/FM/AM Transmitter
    C2010M-01: Digital Radio Tester - ETI+MDI ETI/MDI Player
    C2010M-02: Digital Radio Tester - ETI+Analog ETI Player, RDS/FM/AM Transmitter
    C2010M-03: Digital Radio Tester - MDI+Analog MDI Player, RDS/FM/AM Transmitter
    C2010M-04: Digital Radio Tester - ETI Only ETI Player
    C2010M-05: Digital Radio Tester - MDI Only MDI Player
    C2010M-06: Digital Radio Tester - Analog Only RDS/FM/AM Transmitter