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DSG400 is the all-in-one DTV signal generator supporting MPEG2 TS and RF Signal generation in one unit. It can cover all DTV standard and mobile TV standard in one unit including DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-H, ATSC, OpenCable, DTMB(DMB-TH, ADTB-T), ISDB-T(SBTVD) and DVB-S/S2.
Most importantly, DSG400 supports multi signal output (Max. 2 RF) in one unit that allows to use signal simultaneously. It will save your cost and time for buying several other DTV signal generators.
DSG400 - Digital Signal Generator
  • Main Features
    ■ Modulator : Multi Standard
    (Option : DVB-T/H, DVB-C, ATSC, OpenCable , DVB-S/S2, DTMB(DMB-TH, ADTB-T), ISDB-T(SBTVD))
    ■ RF Upconverter : Multi RF System (50 ~ 870MHz), Max.2
    ■ MPEG2 TS Generator : Internal Generation
    ■ MPEG2 TS Generator : External DVB-ASI/SPI Output (Optional)
    ■ PS to TS (File, Live) Convert
    ■ TS Analysis Information
    ■ Easy Channel Selection by World-wide Channel Table DB
    ■ A/V Decoding
    * Partial standard or codec cannot be supported in some case.
    ■ Automatic Modulator setting (NIT Base) * DVB System Only
    ■ Automatic Modulator setting (PCR bitrate Base/Dynamic Mode)
    ■ Manual Modulator Setting (Parameter Setting : ISDB-T only)
    ■ Manual Bitrate Setting
    ■ Jitter Injection (TR 101 290 Level Error)
    ■ C/N Noise Generation (AWGN)
    ■ TS Packet Size : RAW/188/204/188+16 (Option: FM20X)
    ■ Insertion of Null Packets (Static Mode, (Option: FM20X))
    ■ Stream & System Monitoring
    ■ Play List (Sequential Play)
    ■ Memory Play on RAM Cache memory
    ■ Touch Screen & Easy Operation GUI (Patent Registered)
  • System Diagram