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The RWC2100F, a multi-channel Analog Radio Tester, provides FM-RDS, AM, RDS receiver and audio analyzer.
3-TX channels can be transmitted simultaneously and each channel can be set to FM-RDS or AM. FM-RDS provides many editable protocol parameters such
as PID, PS NAME, (e)RT(+), etc. It also provides many functional tests such as AF, EON, TMC, etc. The RDS receiver receives RDS signals over the air and displays RDS parameters. The received RDS signal can be recorded as a file, so that it can be played back with the FM-RDS TX function. The audio analyzer not only measures the audio signal quality (SINAD, THDN and SNR) and frequency, but also shows audio waveform and audio spectrum. All functions can be controlled by PC software and all parameters can be saved and loaded.
RWC2100F Analog Radio Tester
  • Main Features

    ■ FM-RDS Transmitter

    · Supports 3 independent transmission channels

    · Supports various audio signals 
      (MONO / STEREO / SWEEP / WAVE File)

    · Supports fully configurable RDS(RBDS) - AF, RT, TMC, EON

    · Supports radio text (RT, RT+, eRT, eRT+) with RDS code, UTF-8 and UCS-2

    · Supports transmission a recorded RDS file

    ■ AM Transmitter

    · Supports 3 independent transmission channels

    · Supports various audio signals (MONO / SWEEP / WAVE File)

    · Supports EON, user configurable TMC function

    ■ RDS Receiver

    · Receives and analyzes one FM-RDS radio signal

    · Displays RDS information such as PS_NAME, (e)RT(+), AF list, etc.

    · Records the RDS data as files

    ■ Audio Analyzer

    · SINAD, THDN, SNR and frequency measurement function

    · Waveform and spectrum display of audio signal

    ■ PC Software

    · It consists of 5 control panels such as Transmitter,
      RDS Receiver, Audio analyzer, scripter and combination panel

    · All functions can be operated simultaneously from each control panel

    Transmitter Characteristics
    · Frequency Range: 500kHz to 1,800kHz (AM), 76MHz to 108MHz (FM)
    · Frequency Accuracy: ±2Hz (AM), ±3.5kHz (FM)
    · Output Level: -10dBm to -90dBm (AM), 0dBm to -90dBm (FM)
    · Output Level Resolution: 0.25dB
    · Output Level Accuracy: ±1dB
    · VSWR: Better than 1:1.5

    Receiver Characteristics
    · Input Frequency: 76MHz to 108MHz

    Audio Analyzer Characteristics
    · Input Frequency: 0.1kHz to 20kHz
    · Input Range: Single Ended 2.25 Vrms
    · Bandwidth: 20 kHz
    · Common-Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR): 56dB
    · Connection Type: 3.5pi Stereo

    Remote Programming Ports
    · RJ45 (Ethernet)
    · RS-232C

    · Operating temperature: 5 to 40℃
    · Input: DC 12V, 3A
    · Dimension: 166(w) x 50(h) x 194(d)mm
    · Weight: 950g
    Three channels of independent transmitters can be transmit signals simultaneously, and each TX channel can be set to FM-RDS or AM. Each channel can transmit FM and RDS (Radio Data System) signals at the same time. It is possible to transmit files stored in RDS or edit protocol parameters such as PID, PS NAME, and PROGRAM TYPE, and all radio text editing functions such as RT/RT+/eRT/eRT+ defined in the RDS protocol are provided. It also provides very useful test functions such as AF (Alternate Frequency MODE A/B), EON-ON, EON-SWITCH, TMC, TIME, etc. As the FM modulated signal source, WAVE files can be saved and used, or MONO, STEREO, and SWEEP are supported, so it can be appropriately selected for measuring the receiver performance of DUTs.
    The RDS receiver demodulates the RDS signal from the received FM-RDS signal and displays the data. The RDS receiver displays all parameters defined in the protocol.

    RDS signals can be saved as files, and the saved files can be transmitted using the RDS file transmission function of the FM-RDS TX of the RWC2100F.
    The audio analyzer measures the quality of the audio signal and displays it in various types of values such as SINAD, THDN, SNR and frequency. Measured values can be displayed more stably by increasing the number of measurements. It also displays audio waveforms and audio spectrum. Audio analyzer is very useful for automatic measuring of RX sensitivity by reducing the TX power of the 2100F TX signal and monitoring a radio receiver’s audio output with the audio analyzer.
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