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Broadcast / Media Solution.

Portable IP Encoder & Decoder


The OSBE-1000 encoder compresses images and voice signals input through HDMI, SDI, Composite, etc. into H.264 image codecs and AAC voice codecs and transmits them over the network. The OSBE-1000 decoder takes IP packets over the network and displays them as HDMI or analog output.

Full HD H.264 IP Encoder & Decoder
  • Main Features

    • Possible to broadcast YouTube, FaceBook, Kakao TV,   and Naver Band simultaneously. 

    • Supports saving real-time as files using USB memory

    • H.264 1080p@60fps HD Real-Time Video Encoding   & Decoding

    • RTMP/HLS/SRT/UDP protocol support

    • Support AL-FEC to restore packets loss in the network

    • SDI, HDMI & Composite Video Input

    • Low Latency at 150ms

  • Applications

    • YouTube, Social Media Live Streaming

    • Professional IP Encoder & Decoder

    • IP Streaming Server

    • Video Security

    • On-line Video Conference

  • Specifications