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AMM100 M is the convenience Digital signal generator supporting ETI RF Signal generator. It can cover mobile TV standard, Digital radio standard in one unit including DAB, DAB+, HD-DMB.
Most importantly, AMM100 M supports multi signal output in one unit that allows to use signal simultaneously. It will save your cost and time for buying several other DTV and Radio signal generators.
Digital Radio standard is HD-DMB, DAB and DAB+. It can simulation same HD-DMB broadcasting signal and information by Korea 6 DMB broadcast ETI capture files. It means AMM100 M can make almost same broadcasting environment as real broadcasting station.
And AMM100 M is Remotely Controlled by RCS100, It is useful function for manufacture Line.
AMM 100 M - Video / Audio Convenience Test Generator
Main Features
■ Modulator : DAB/DAB+/HD-DMB Standard Support
■ RF Output Frequency : 175MHz ~ 245GHz
■ Remote Control by RCS100
■ Automatic Modulator setting from TS ETI
RF Specification
■ Output Connector : N Type
■ RF Output Frequency : 175MHz ~ 245GHz
■ RF Frequency Resolution : 1kHz
■ Frequency Accuracy : 3 x 10-6 / 25 ℃
■ RF Power Level : 0 ~ -110dBm
■ RF Level Resolution : 0.5dB steps
■ RF Level Accuracy : ±0.5dB relative to the level at 18-33 ℃
■ RF Impedance : 50 Ω
Intended Application
■ Digital TV Receiver Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
■ Set-top Box Receiver Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
■ DTV and Digital Radio Front & Back-end Chip Development
■ DTV and Digital Radio Module Development
■ Digital TV RF Signal Center