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RWC2010B Digital Radio tester supports the DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM30, DRM+, AM, FM and RDS system.
It provides very convenient working environment with full control over all system parameters.
It supports various kinds of dataservices such as BWS, TPEG and more services will be added to adjust to changing markets.
RWC2010B has ETI and MDI file player function so that specific broadcasting station's DAB/DRM signal could be regenerated in the DAB.
It also supports AM/FM radio test functions with fully editable RDS test function.
Main Features

Ensemble Multiplexer

Simple testers consist of pattern player(ETI and MDI file player).
Such pattern file has to be prepared in advance on external PC and then donloaded to tester.
Protocol compliance tested with several combinations of configuratio parameters.
Every change in configuration parameters affects test pattern, so pattern file has to be regenerated on external C and downloaded to tester again.
RWC2010B is equipped with Ensemble Multiplexer.
It smulates broadcast staton functions. Protocol prameters can be edited using GUI program and updated signal broadcasted immediately.
RWC2010B also supports Recnfiguration, TII and announcement functions as well.
Ensemble Multiplexer supports up to 15 service and 15 service components for DAM/DMB and up to 4 Streams for DRM with easy on/off.
RWC2010B provides graphical ensembleinformation screen that can easily capture the imagination of complicate ensemble structure.


Reconfiguration, Announcement, TII

RWC2010B supports high-thech protocol tests such as Reconfiguration, Announcement and TII.
Announcment is a function for  compulsory situation or automation functions. For exmple, if there is an emergency situation, then a announcement function is actvated.
This function changes the channel for every listener so that they can hear the emergency message or announcement.
Alternatively, it can also be used by the user to set the channel to change to a specific program t a specific time.
RWC2010B offers a screen that the user can use to change the announcement function, and it transmits announcement related FIG for DAB/DAB+/DMB and SDC data for DRM for compulsive channel changing.

TII(Transmitter Identification Information) appoints an ID to every transmitter and transmits it through Null space, which is sent for every frame for various applications such as current location checking. TII canbe on or off on RWC2010B. Additionally, the ID is chngeable and double ID transmission is available. If two IDs are transmitted, the operation environment is also changed as if two transmitters were working at the same tme.

ETI and MDI file Player

The E file describes the characteristics of a signal suitable for transportinig a full DAB Ensemble, comprising a number of sub-channels and a formatted Fast Information Channel(FIC), between the DAB Ensembl provider and the Transmission network provider. It means that if the ETI fil is recoded specific broadcasting station's T-DM/DAB signal,it contains all information about that station's.

The MDI file descrives the characteristics of a signal suitable for transporting a full DRM Ensemble, comprising a number of streams and aformatted Service Description Channel(SDC), between the DRM Ensemble provider and th Transmission netwok provider.

Using these files with the RWC2010B's ETI/MDI function, that specific broadcasting station's T-DMB/DAB signal or DRM signal could be regenerated in the LAB.

Analog AM/FM and RDS Test solutions

RWC2010B supports analog AM/FM and RDS thest functions. Most DAB/DMB/DRM DUTs support analog AM/FM features to, then it will be very useful to thest not only DAB/DMB/DRM functions but also analog radio functions using one Tester.

Seamless Linkng Test Solutions

To test Seamless Linking algorithm in the Lab, two broadcasting emulator are required. And two broadcasting emulator should be synchronized with adjustable sync delay. Using two RWC2010Bs, many combination of Seamless inking test(DAB to DAB, DAB to DRM, DAB to FM, DRM to DRM, DRM to FM) can be performed in the Lab very easily.

Use could assign one RWC2010B for Master and te other RWC2010B for Slave.
On the Master unit GUI, user can control not only Master unit but also Slave unit. Using the "SLAVE_DELAY" parmeter, Audo sync delay between two transmiters are adjusable in ms unit.