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Want an all-in-one RF signal solution?
The state-of-the-art URT-5000 software-defined RF Player and Signal Generator utilizes Averna protocol-specific signal-generation toolkits and signal libraries to generate and impair common Navigation and Broadcast Radio signals for receiver design validation, testing, production and support.
The URT-5000 supports RF playback of real-world conditions, often too complex to simulate, captured with an Averna Record & Playback field instrument.
Main Features

Boosts Product Quality and Lowers Costs

The URT-5000 is the RF test instrument of choice in the automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics, communications and other industries.
It enables you to accurately and consistently play back unique, complex field conditions during the receiver development phase, which reduces costly trips back to the field to validate each engineering change.

Field-Lab Solution

Pair the URT-5000 RF Player with an Averna RF Recorder for a complete field-lab solution.

Key Features and Benefits

Supports all common Navigation as well as Broadcast Radio protocols
Easily adapts to new and ever-changing protocols, eliminating need for new instruments
Real-time signal generation for long-running lifecycle tests like HALT and HASS
Allows synchronization of units to support multiple channels
Easy-to-use interface to generate signals quickly and intuitively
Complete API for automating remote control of the instrument