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Redundancy Switch

ATSC 3.0 Redundancy Switch(ATS2000) is known as change over(C/O) that perform a switching to prevent broadcast accident with detecting the occurrence of an input signal error or congesting the signal in a redundancy environment. It supports ATSC 3.0 standard and analyzes STL-TP, ALP-TP, DSTP and General IP input in order to provide seamless broadcasting service in case of error.
It also provides STL-TP ECC(SMPTE 2022-1) decoding and encoding function to correct packet loss errors in IP transport.
By-pass function protects the broadcast being interrupted even if the power of the system has a problem.
ATSC 3.0 Redundancy Switch
Main Features
■ 2 x input /  3 x Output Gigabit Ethernet support 
■ STL-TP Analysis/Switch support
■ ALP-TP, DSTP and General IP Analysis
■ STL-TP ECC(SMPTE 2022-1) decode for input stream support
■ STL-TP ECC(SMPTE 2022-1) encode for output stream support
■ Latency : 10ms
■ SNMPv2 Support
■ Ethernet In-out By-pass Mechanism support
■ Switching mode : Automatic switch, Manual switch, Priority Input switch
■ User configurable switch condition  - Link loss, L1 CRC Error, LMT/LLS Interval, etc
■ Web GUI for monitoring
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